Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Church Quote of the Week: Intercession of the Saints

The Intercession of the Saints

"Atticus, sleep in peace, secure in your safety, and pray anxiously for our sins" (funerary inscription near St. Sabina’s in Rome [A.D. 300]). "Pray for your parents, Matronata Matrona. She lived one year, fifty-two days" (ibid.). "Mother of God, [listen to] my petitions; do not disregard us in adversity, but rescue us from danger" (Rylands Papyrus 3 [A.D. 350])

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  1. So, I met with my pastor last weekend and he definitely is not in support of me making the move to Rome. One of his major issues was prayer to saints. But why be constrained to just saints in the present day? Isn't that what sacred tradition is about? Not just the words of the bible but the pioneers of the faith who paved the way for us! They are now glorified.