Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heresy Gets Things Done

John Zmirak has written a great article about orthodoxy and heresy:

Q. So you admit that, when it comes to the Trinity and the nature of Christ, the Church has spent centuries tussling over a tangle of logical contradictions, in search of a plausible story?

If only it had; then maybe we’d have one. My life would be a lot easier, and this book would only need to be a pamphlet. Like modern physicists who wrangle with the equally persuasive but mutually irreconcilable claims of relativity and quantum mechanics, the Church was presented with evidence that was devilishly difficult to understand all at once, much less to reconcile. Our theologians used the best tool at hand, Greek philosophy, to tease out the real-world implications of what God had told us about Himself, to figure out how we should pray, and to whom. If what we had been trying to craft was a cogent fable, we certainly would have lopped off one manageable piece of that enormous, intractable elephant and held it up as the whole: “Behold the trunk of God!”

Read the rest here: Heresy Gets Things Done

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