Sunday, July 31, 2011

Standing on My Head: 'Mere' or 'More' Christianity?

Standing on My Head: 'Mere' or 'More' Christianity?

More Christianity is available as part of the summer book sale. Why not purchase some copies for yourself and maybe a parish study group? It also makes an excellent gift for that non-Catholic family member or friend. Offer it to them and say, "This book helps explain Catholicism in a friendly way. Why not read it and see what you think?"

"...summer sale deal: $5.00 rebate on each first book purchase (or you can choose to have a free copy of my little book How to Be an Ordinary Hero) If you buy more than one book you get a $3.00 rebate on each additional book.

PS: The copies available from my website are the first edition--not the recent second edition published by Ignatius Press."

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