Tuesday, December 14, 2010

St. John of the Cross

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Today is the Feast of St. John of the Cross, the 16th century Spanish mystic, poet, and saint renown for his profound writings on the contemplative life and the Dark Night of the Soul. In addition, St. John of the Cross is considered to be one of the greatest poets of the Spanish language. Today's blog post offers a sampling of this beautiful poetry-- two of St. John's short "romances" on the Incarnation and the Birth of Christ. 
In addition, watch a video taken during the filming of CATHOLICISM in Spain and listen to Father Barron and Father Steve reflect on this great saint and Doctor of the Church at the very site of his tomb.

Romance 8. The Incarnation

1. Then He called
The archangel Gabriel
And sent him to
The virgin Mary,
2. At whose consent
The mystery was wrought,
In whom the Trinity
Clothed the Word with flesh.
3. And though Three work this,
It is wrought in the One:
And the Word lived incarnate
In the womb of Mary.
4. And He who had only a Father
Now had a Mother too,
But she was not like others
Who conceive by man.
5. From her own flesh
He received His flesh,
So He is called
Son of God and of man.

Romance 9. The Birth

1. When the time had come
For Him to be born
He went forth like the bridegroom
From his bridal chamber,
2. Embracing His bride,
Holding her in His arms,
Whom the gracious Mother
Laid in a manger
3. Among some animals
That were there at that time.
Men sang songs
And angels melodies
4. Celebrating the marriage
Of two such as these.
But God there in the manger
Cried and moaned;
5. And these tears were jewels
The bride brought to the wedding.
The Mother gazed in sheer wonder
On such an exchange:
6. In God, man’s weeping,
And in man, gladness,
To the one and the other
Things usually so strange.


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